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Solar Panels
To those of you who've lived the ethic, "service above self" in the service of our country,
God bless you!

Time For A Change.

- Rates go up, you pay. They rise again & you pay more. Put that to a stop!

Great choices for you and yours.


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We promise to help you like one of our own.

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Our Proprietary

the difference, 11 years in the making

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-  C. Russell Smithson


        Over 11 years ago, in our founder's initial solar studies, three attributes stood out as being critical if solar had the opportunity to actually solve problems for homeowners; Price, Stability & Integrity.  More specifically, the new price, must be lower than the price it replaced. the consistency of new service and the cost of that service had to be stable, and the people involved as well as the contracts they write or support, must within reason, deliver those attributes with a level of integrity that clearly establishes a 1 to 1 relationship between what is paid for and what is received. 

Drafted initially for his own understanding, the PSI Paradigm™ Philosophy was refined to clearly address all possible attributes required in order to deliver a fair priced solution, with the ideal financial fit for the best of the customer.  Beginning in 2014, hired as an independent Solar Solutions Educator & frequently since, by some of the largest residential solar companies in the country, to utilize the PSI PARADIGM™ methodology to teach ethical solar salesmanship. If you choose to trust us with the opportunity, It's how we'll help in discerning the right fit with you.



PSI PARADIGM - A shift from "sales" to the restoration of stability & integrity at a fair price.™

market made confusion

Our A+ Rated Install Teams, California: EmpowerHome & Nationally Powur In , Best In Class Equipment & The Most comprehensive 25 to 30 year warranties in the industry are all standard.

  Market Segmentation is a commonly deployed strategy that leverages company strengths to out perform and or best serve a defined set of customers.  Of the 4 types of market segmentation that are commonly practiced, geographic, demographic, psycho-graphic, & behavioral, each are commonly utilized by solar companies trying to earn their share of customers.  In fact, marketing based on location, personal characteristics, thought patterns and or behavioral patterns is standard practice in all industries.  However, as solar sales businesses throughout the industry clamor for your deal, it's this seemingly harmless positioning effort that inadvertently winds up obscuring much of the truth from folks considering solar. 

Here's how that occurs; when companies take it a step further and instead, artificially bolster their one preferred offer and intentionally create doubt surrounding otherwise viable (possibly better for the customer) solutions, so called "Market Segmentation" of that sort, creates a scenario where the customer's needs take a back seat to the company's sales agenda.  Sales reps who realize they're not being accurately educated, in an effort to tow the company line, will often still choose to push the required narrative anyway since their paycheck depends on it. While some sales reps will just assume that the approach they've been taught is actually the only smart way to approach solar.  As a result of such sales company driven efforts, knowingly or unknowingly, customers will be mislead. 


In our view, that is not a healthy form of Market Segmentation nor is it a healthy outcome of it.   Expertise should never be kept secret nor should it be deliberately obscured from anyone dependent upon it to make an informed, wise decision.    Unfortunately, these outcomes have been running the solar industry, company by company since the inception of supposed opposing financing offerings. Solar Purchase Loans, Leases, Cash Purchases, Power Purchase Agreements and the like, are pitted against each-other as if they are somehow each villains in the others version of a hero's tale. An absurd thought when you stop and consider that each one exists to solve a specific problem for a specific customer. Products don't oppose each-other, their all just players with different attributes and benefits on the same team; the customers team.




My name is Russ Smithson, I'm the founder of Sunmatter and the creator of a proprietary sales solution process that I refer to as the PSI Paradigm. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur who's first job was selling peanuts at Fresno State football games at the age of nine! Yup, they let me do it because my older brothers were there as well selling sodas and hot dogs… And after running a graphic design and t-shirt company for nearly 10 years, I shifted focus to solar in 2011 and have never looked back. The heart of what's always driven me is the simple aspect of trying to solve problems and deliver solutions as it means to earn a living. Solar fits that bill perhaps better than anything I'm experienced so far, but as I've discussed, it has its issues as an industry. 


 In my 11+ year solar sales experience, preceded  I have direct experience and/or oversight experience in the sale of approximately 3,000 systems, The range in financing options that are included in them run the gambit and include every version of a solar contract that the industry has created in our modern era of solar solutions… My expertise originates from my early days as a simple sales rep, to State Wide sales manager, regional sales director, to VP of Sales and ultimately national sales coach for the largest residential solar company in the world.  As a result, I'm uniquely equipped to understand accurately, not only the specific nuances and challenges potential customers face, but also the specific financing solutions that have been created to address them. But even more importantly is my proprietary sales process that I created 11 years ago in my effort to accurately understand the soul of a solution also known as the law of an ethical sale… I refer to it as PSI paradigm the soul of the solution philosophy. The price you pay for a given item if it's a fair price, must be justified and indeed supported by the stability and integrity of the product process company and consultant and the solution must be accurately paired with a clearly compelling need. If any one of those attributes were to break down or were failed to be delivered upon the price you pay would become not only unfair but on warranted and in fact unjust. It's this philosophy that guides every aspect of my and my teams effort to solve for your very best. And it's why in this challenging environment typified by market segmentation that obscures the big picture from the eyes of all involved from sales rep to homeowner, our approach is unique in its ability to truly solve for your best and and to do so with your full understanding and approval.


The Path

Book your planning session today with one of our PSI Paradigm Certified Consultants. We will review your usage, your goals and hold nothing back in our effort to work & deliver the absolute best energy solution the industry has to offer, that specifically addresses your needs.


... Do nothing as a homeowner & over the next 25 years you'll pay between $75,000 -$165,000+ more than you need too for your power You can 10 X that or more if your a business owner who doesn't consider a change.  Make a solar financing decision before you accurately understand financing options invented to address the wide variety of financial goals and challenges property owners face in your state, and you could drastically lower (by many thousands of dollars) the potential ROI of your solar project! 


Realizing these things, you decide to do something about it, you contact a few prominent solar companies.   Unfortunately, solar company #1 pitches a finance option that seems to their pocketbook better than your own.  So you check out 2 additional companies, only to find that their solar approaches that sound and look a little different, but still it's clear that much like the first company, sales agendas are driving the choices laid before you.

Solar is an important financial decision with 25+ year implications for your home or business cash-flow. Yet, all too often the above situation is the norm in our industry.  While there are many, many ways that you as a property owner can choose solar and rid yourself of the frustratingly high rates delivered by utility companies, it's virtually impossible to obtain a truly, unbiased accurate answer as to why a given solar financing method is in fact the strongest mathematically performing option to address your unique financial goals for the project.  


Since 2011 our founder, a Solar Financing and Sales Process Educator, has worked with some of the most prominent Residential Solar Companies in the country to refine their efforts to best serve their customers.  After a completing an independent term as the National Sales Coach & Pod-caster for the largest Residential Solar company in the world, the timing was right to address aspects the industry otherwise could not. Those experiences allowed him to see and understand aspects of the solar marketplace that few have ever observed and while in general, solar companies sincerely attempt to serve their customers well, the primary drivers of poor outcomes left unaddressed are not typically the result to companies with bad intentions.  Yet they occur far more often then they should.


Sunmatter was founded in 2015 to provide property owners with an analytical solar financing evaluation process, free from sales agenda or market segmentation driven bias. 


When it comes to making a wise, well informed decisions, who are your advisors regarding solar financing.... the company trained sales rep?  If that's the case, another important question need be asked; who are their advisors, what market conditions are they considering and trying to achieve when when training their teams to present?

about us

At Sunmatter we know that you want to be wise with your resources and free from the increasingly high cost of electricity. To accomplish that you need accurate, unbiased, clear answers and best in class options. The problem is that the typical solar sales process is extremely limited as a matter of course. Sales reps only present what their employers tell them too; & unfortunately, that's true regardless of weather or not their solution is the right fit for your specific situation.  That can lead to you feeling taken advantage of and confused as the so called "solution" that results, simply fails to address your needs. Our approach corrects this.


Because we know that every real solution begins and ends with an you and we understand that you and your energy & financing needs are unique, we are uniquely structured as independent energy experts who can place your specific needs above all else. We are not limited to the lone offering of a single employer nor are we stuck with a one company biased approach to your solar needs.  We're 100% free to deliver the very best that the industry has to offer with best in class installation services for cash or financed ownership, or if the situation calls for it, a solid power purchase agreement that allows you to benefit of a lower cost of power with a rate that never increases again! 


Here's how we do it.​

1. We listen to you, study your energy patterns and are careful to clearly understand the scope of what you need.

2. We discuss with you the available methods (industry wide) of addressing those needs.

3. We make sure that the solution we deploy will best match your resources and qualifications. We get it done!

Our relationships with the top energy contractors in the country and our thorough knowledge of the challenges created by utility company demands, enable us to rise above the one size fits all approach typical of other organizations. Our independent consultative approach frees us to simply understand, educate, qualify, and solve for your best.  Finally, you can stop asking sales reps for answers they're not allowed to give and instead get real answers to your questions and a real solution for your energy needs.

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“Our true up bill was only $8.00 and we couldn't be happier!”

- Steve & Kim W.
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